The few words about DEKUVE project

We are creating a non-profit project in Ukraine which goal is to create a free, modern, really fast, private, secure and widely useful desktop operating system for everyone!
The OS aims to replace expensive products like Windows and macOS.

DEKUVE and the numerous other visually-impressive and user-focused Linux distributions that innovate and show off what’s possible with free software.

If this were about a car, I would say this:
"A well-oiled engine that runs smoothly and without jerks, low fuel consumption with good power, predictable acceleration and feedback on the road. A car with a smooth ride, predictable behavior, with precise input cornering and, most importantly, a reliable and comfortable suspension."

Amazing distro stable, gorgeous. Can't wait to see what next? Amazing job.

You have made a wonderfull distro This is a perfect alternative for Windows!

Our Global Importance & Mission

We care about the environment

Did you buy a computer ten years ago? Does it no longer receive updates, does not have up-to-date software, and is slow? DEKUVE operating system will bring your PC and laptop back to life. It's designed to be fast, always up to date, secure and private for you and your old hardware. By continuing to use your old devices with our OS, you reduce pollution of the environment, save our planet with us.

Support for low-income people

Millions of people around the world do not have the financial ability to use the new paid professional software. Many of them use dangerous pirated software at all. DEKUVE is completely free and always will be, receives up-to-date updates and comes with a lot of free professional software. And no matter where you are, you can easily realize your ideas, potential and talents together with our OS without needing additional cash costs.

Tangible help for small businesses

Starting own small and medium-sized businesses, people in many countries face difficulties including high costs. DEKUVE OS will help the owners of their business to reduce their financial costs, couse it is absolutely free! You don't need a special license to use our product!

Also architects, designers, developers, musicians, video producers, bloggers, journalists and many others will find the best assistance in the DEKUVE.

Substantial assistance to nonprofit and budgetary organizations, schools, universities

Stability, safety, innovation and affordability are the best friends of the education, modern science and healthcare. These principles are the basis for the creation of our DEKUVE OS. And that's all absolutely free!

Let's change the world for the better together!

Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

Check out what you can do with DEKUVE OS!


Ideal for both tech-savvy beginners and professionals. Easy to use

Flexible Use

No special skills are required to personalize the appearance of the desktop

Free to Use

DEKUVE ships free with a lot of absolutely free professional software!

Open Source

Open-source, private and extremely secure operating system based on Linux

Browse files.
Quick preview.
Sync devices.


Add your accounts from social networks or services and never miss important events in your life!

& more


Meet a team

DEKUVE is open for everyone who want to join a team! Feel free to text me

Denys Kulbii


Sumy, Ukraine

Huge thanks to friends!

Raul Dipeas


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Roman Vizer


Sumy, Ukraine

Juuso N.

Dev File Manager


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DEKUVE 0.1 "Colors" Xfce

Based on Debian 11

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